Top Ten Tuesday: Series TBR

I love book series, and I love talking about them, so this Top Ten Tuesday topic by The Broke and The Bookish is just great! I’ve done a couple of these lists already, so I’m going to combine a few of them, plus add a couple more series to the list, because it really never stops growing!


Children of the Last Days by Michael O’Brien 

  1. Strangers and Sojourners
  2. Eclipse of the Sun
  3. Plague Journal 
  4. Father Elijah: An Apocalypse
  5. Sophia House
  6. A Cry of Stone
  7. Elijah in Jerusalem

The Dublin Murder Squad by Tana French


  1. In the Woods
  2. The Likeness
  3. Faithful Place
  4. Broken Harbour
  5. The Secret Place
  6. The Trespasser

Jason Bourne by Robert Ludlum (5/14 listed here)


  1. The Bourne Identity 
  2. The Bourne Supremacy 
  3. The Bourne Ultimatum 
  4. The Bourne Legacy
  5. The Bourne Betrayal 

Father Brown by G.K. Chesterton


  1. The Innocence of Father Brown
  2. The Wisdom of Father Brown
  3. The Incredulity of Father Brown
  4. The Secret of Father Brown
  5. The Scandal of Father Brown

The Emigrants by Vilhelm Moberg

Emigrants 4

  1. The Emigrants
  2. Unto the Good Land
  3. The Settlers
  4. The Last Letter Home

The Second World War by Winston Churchill

wwii books merged w sig.jpg

  1. The Gathering Storm
  2. Their Finest Hour
  3. The Grand Alliance 
  4. The Hinge of Fate
  5. Closing the Ring
  6. Triumph and Tragedy

Peter Grant / Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch


  1. Rivers of London
  2. Moon Over Soho
  3. Whispers Underground
  4. Broken Homes
  5. Foxglove Summer
  6. The Hanging Tree

The Divine Comedy by Dante


  1. Inferno 
  2. Purgatorio 
  3. Paradiso

Emperor by Conn Iggulden


  1. The Gates of Rome
  2. The Death of Kings
  3. The Field of Swords
  4. The Gods of War
  5. The Blood of Gods 

Welsh Princes by Sharon Kay Penman


  1. Here Be Dragons
  2. Falls the Shadow
  3. The Reckoning 


Bonus: Series I’m currently reading

Department Q by Jussi Adler-Olsen & Flavia de Luce by Alan Bradley


There’s the list! I’m so excited to read everyone else’s list so I can add more series to mine!


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