T5W: Book Themed Events 

I usually don’t do the Top 5 Wednesday tag, but when I saw the theme, I couldn’t resist, mainly because I already had my 5 ideas. 

1. The Great Gatsby: This is a pretty popular theme for a party, but like the roaring 20’s, it never goes out of style. I mean, c’mon, everyone loves to look dapper while drinking gin, right? Maybe that’s just me 😉 

2. Sherlock Holmes/Agatha Christie: a good Murder mystery party is always a good idea. As long as it’s planned out well, these parties can be really fun!

3. Brideshead Revisited: ok, this theme isn’t actually based on the book, but more on the title. You know how we women (sorry, guys, I’m leaving you out of this one) have to buy dresses for all the weddings we go to and the ones we are in? Well, I think there should be “Bridesmaid Revisited” parties, where women get together and have a chance to wear the dresses they’ve only worn once. It could be a really fun cocktail party or dinner party, where you get dressed up just because you already have a dress! 

4. A Moveable Feast: This one again is purely based off the name. We had a party like this in college and it was so fun. One house hosts cocktail hour and appetizers, the next hosts salads, the next holds the main dish, and next hosts dessert. This makes a usual dinner party fun and exciting! You can add or takeaway courses depending on the size of your party! 

5.  Around the World in 80 Days: For this party everyone would represent a different country. If you want games at the party you could have an Olympics theme as well. Otherwise you could have everyone bring a food or drink from the country they represent. 

Now, I really want to throw a themed party! Happy Wednesday, everyone! 


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