Top Ten Tuesday: Give me more…

Per usual Top Ten Tuesday is brought to us by The Broke and the Bookish, the fabulous blog that orders us around every week (and we love it) ;). This week the topic is Ten Things On Our Reading Wish List: what I want more of in books.

I decided to focus on historical fiction for this post because it’s one of my favorite genres. My all-time favorite are WWII books, but as there is not a lack of those, I’ve picked 10 other Eras or topics that I would like to learn about.


  1. The Vikings!!!!: (sorry about the exclamation points, vikings make me super excited). In college my all-time favorite class was Viking Literature–it was amazing. The literature from that time period was fantastic and I would love to see it rejuvenated
  2. Pre-Russian Revolution: It’s no secret that I adore Russian literature, but I want more! There aren’t very many new fiction books about this era, and I think they could be very interesting and captivating.
  3. The Egyptian Empire: Pharos, Cleopatra, Egyptian gods, hieroglyphics, giant pyramids…there is so much material for great historical fiction.
  4. The Martyrs: There are so many martyrs in the christian faith and they all have their stories. I would love to see them told as straight as possible (much like the movie Silence or The Mission).
  5. The Incas, Mayans, and Aztecs: I loved learning about the empires of Central and South America before colonization happened, but I have not found decent fiction about those time periods, and I would love to read them.
  6. Captain Cook’s adventures/other famous explorers: I recently went to New Zealand and learned way more about Captain Cook then I thought I would. His life would make for some awesome historical fiction, the guy was pretty fascinating.
  7. The Ancient Chinese dynasties: I really don’t know enough about these dynasties to know which ones are the most interesting, which is why I would love to see more historical fiction about them. China has such a rich history, there has to be plenty of stories to uncover.
  8. The Rwandan Genocide: This is not a fun topic to read about, nor to think about, but it is important. I have heard many talks by a beautiful woman named Immaculee Ilibagiza, and she talks about her survival during the Rwandan Genocide. However, she is not the only one and the others, and the ones who didn’t survive, deserve to have their story told. If anyone is interested about reading Immaculee’s book, it’s called Left to Tell, and it’s beautiful.
  9.  Authors: I love historical fiction about authors. I think it’s so fun to get into famous authors minds and explore their work by exploring them.
  10. Constantine and Charlemagne:  There are tons of historical fiction books about the Holy Roman Empire, but there are not a lot about the two most famous of emperors of that era: Constantine and Charlemagne. I became super interested in Charlemagne when I went to Aachen, Germany and saw the Cathedral he built and the Charlemagne museum…the man really liked gold things….anyway, their lives were super cool and they both helped form Europe into what it is today, so I would love some Historical fiction about these two.


There you have it, my historical fiction wish list! Thanks for reading, and make sure to comment your TTT link so I can read your bookish wish list!


14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Give me more…

  1. Very odd, I’m just writing a post about diverse movies and I’ve listed Hotel Rwanda, about The Rwandan Genocide, as one on the list. I’m definitely going to read the book you suggested on it. Like you said, it’s such an important topic and not enough people know or care about it!

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  2. Oooooh yes please!! I love the idea of exploring the world through fiction, and I’d particularly love to read historical fiction set in non-European settings that’s actually written by non-Europeans/North Americans! I’d love to read a story set in Ancient China by a Chinese author, for example – you’d probably get a different perspective, and it would be really fascinating!

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    1. Yes! Don’t get me wrong, I love HF about Europe and North America, but there are so many options, and I would love to see more about the rest of the world! Thanks for reading!


  3. I think you have reason to be optimistic with Vikings. The signs are all there – with a TV show, some good new history books, a huge new interest in Scandinavian fiction and Neil Gaiman’s new book – of a Viking phase coming along.

    I loved ancient Egypt as a child and wished there were some good historical fiction on it too. I read two Wilbur Smith’s when I was a teen, but they did not do it for me – too fantastical.

    Chinese Dynasties are an interesting one. From what I understand, we have to think of Chinese dynasties very differently because the main governing force in China were not the emperors but the vast Confucian bureaucracy. So we can’t think of them the way we would think of Plantagenets or Tudors or Roman Emperors or Egyptian Pharaohs; their power seems to have been more limited. I’d like to read a lot more Chinese history but I think the books would have to focus a lot on what was going on outside the Imperial palaces.

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    1. Yes, I’m very excited about everyone’s new love for Norse Mythology! And I totally agree with your take on the Chinese Dynasties, which is why I want to learn more about them. They are so different from Western Culture and their religion (which is very different from western religions) plays a huge role in their culture and growth. It’s all very interesting! Thanks for commenting!!


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