Friday Five: Laugh until you cry (TV edition)

It’s Friday!!!

After being away last weekend for a bachelorette party, this week seemed to go especially sloooowwww. Now, at last, it is finished and I have a free weekend ahead of me. Usually I spend my free weekends reading/coffee shop hopping/playing with my nephews/catching up with friends, but like I said, it’s been a long week and I think some binge watching may be in my near future.

I’ve been in a TV slump lately, as I haven’t found another show to start it’s really a shame. There are a ton of new dramas that are decently good, but I really need a new comedy. They are my favorite to binge because they don’t require my full attention, yet they can support my full attention if need be. Yet, I really haven’t been hooked on any new ones, therefore, I have a few favorites that I always go back to, and they never fail me.



Gosh this show is amazing. I was so sad when they ended it (even though it was time), and I was completely devastated when they took it off Netflix. It’s been months since they did, and I’m still very very angry about it.

If you aren’t familiar with the show, you need to be. It follows Shawn and Gus, two best friends who decided to start a Psychic Consultation Business, and their biggest client is the Santa Barbara Police Department. The catch is that neither of them is actually psychic, Shawn is just extremely observant and Gus is basically forced against his will to go along with it. It’s hilarious and the character development is AMAZING!

2. The Office


This one is my all-time favorite TV show. I think I could actually watch it all day and never get tired of it. The humor is spot on, the romance is adorable, the pranks are amazing, and the hilarity never ceases. It’s a perfect comedy. Also, if I never find my personal Jim Halpert, I’m suing NBC for false hopes.

3. Parks and Recreation


Very similar to The Office, just more quirky and silly. Ron Swanson is my spirit animal. I love the characters in this show, and how they grow with the audience is wonderful. I really can’t make it through an episode without cracking up.

4. 30 Rock

There was a time when The Office, Parks and Rec, and 30 Rock were all current shows on NBC…those were the real glory days. 30 Rock is one of those shows where it starts off a little weird and crazy, but ends by being one of the cleverest shows on TV. Their last season was literally about NBC crashing their own network by canceling their best shows–trolling at it’s finest. Tina Fey is an excellent writer and actress, and the other characters are so absurd they will bring you to tears.

5. The Grinder


Watching this show is like having a delicious cake set in front of you, and after taking a wonderful bite, you go in for a second one only to find that Fox has stolen your cake from you because they don’t know a good thing when they see it. The Grinder is so flippin’ funny, and I really do not understand why it was canceled after one season. It’s absurd.

Staring Rob Lowe, it follows an actor who recently quit his TV show because it wasn’t “real enough”. After quitting he moves back to Boise to find himself, and he ends up crashing at his brother’s house. It was there he realizes he wants to join the family business, which is a law firm. With only his career of being a lawyer on TV as his credentials, “The Grinder” successfully turns the law firm upside down, and drives his brother crazy. It’s smart, witty, sarcastically funny, and good natured. I wish it could come back for more seasons (I’m looking at you Hulu or Netflix).


Ok, there you have it! If you have any comedic suggestions, please let me know, or I promise you I will be watching The Office for the umpteenth time ;). Happy Weekend, everyone!



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