Friday Five: Books everyone has read but me

Happy Friday!

Today on Friday Five I’m going to tell you about five books that everyone has read but me, or at least it feels like everyone has read them.

I’m not going to talk about classics that everyone should read, because there are so many it’s impossible to keep up, but instead I’m just going to mention the new(ish) books I haven’t read. Yes, there are still so many and I can’t keep up, but there are still a few that stand out as the ones everyone reads.

Some of these books I haven’t read because I honestly had no interest in reading them, but some I haven’t read simply because I didn’t want to read what everyone else was reading…yeah, I’m stubborn.

Feel free to comment about what a horrible human I am for not reading these books, and I will respond by saying “yeah, I know, I’m the worst.” 😉

1. The Twilight Saga

This one probably falls under both reasons I mentioned before: I didn’t want to read it because it looked completely uninteresting to me, and I didn’t want to read it because every girl in my high school was reading it and I was at the end of the table like “so, which Musketeer would you pick? I’m personally an Athos type of girl, but I see the appeal for the other three too…” so…yeah, it just didn’t seem like my cup of tea. Also, after seeing the first movie, I was pretty thankful I never did. 

2. The Da Vinci Code

I believe this one was pretty big when I was in middle school, and at that point it seemed like an adult book and I really didn’t have any interest in it. When I did start reading “adult” books, I was more interested in the classics then the books popular a few years back. I still don’t have much of a desire to read it, even though it is considered one of the best books of 21st century.

3. The Fault in Our Stars

This was one I definitely didn’t read because everyone else was reading it. Also, I have a problem with stories that make you sad for the sake of being sad, and this one seemed like that kind of book. I’m sure it’s pretty good, and I know a lot of people who really like it, but I’m really can’t see myself reading it. 

4.  Gone Girl

This one I’m probably going to read…eventually. I was in Europe the year this was really popular, and I just never got around to it…I was more concerned with buying wine and cheese in the south of France. However, the story seems so creepily cool, and I really want to see the movie, but I need to read the book before I do, or else there really won’t be any point because all the twists would be spoiled. So, eventually.

5.  Harry Potter Series

AHHH STONE ME NOW!! I know, I know, this is a mortal sin in book world, but yes, I confess, I have never read the Harry Potter Series! Dumbledore is rolling in his grave at my horrible act (too soon?). Anyway, I’ll explain my reasoning to you. So in third grade the first HP came out and my 3rd grade teacher read it aloud to my class. I thought it was good, but honestly I didn’t think it was the best thing in the universe. When I was in 4th grade, my father read The Hobbit to me and my siblings and that became my life. Seriously. In 5th and 6th grade Lord of the Rings took over my life, and then the movies came out, and it became more of my life (yeah, I’m a proud Tolkien nerd). By then the “which is better” arguments began to emerge from the shadows and I chose my side and stuck to it. From then on, I had zero interest in Harry Potter, but all my friends did, which made me even less interested (remember the stubborn part I mentioned earlier?). Even when the movies came out I had no desire to watch them. Then the Christmas break of my freshman year of college, I had the desire to watch them–so I did–all of them (except the last two because they hadn’t come out yet). Ok, I liked them, but I still wasn’t obsessed. They were entertaining, but, in my humble and uneducated opinion, I felt like they got worse as they went on. Later in college I had a roommate who was OBSESSED with HP–therefore we had four things constantly playing in our apartment: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Supernatural, or Sherlock…needless to say our grades suffered that year. With the information that was infused into my brain from her or the movies, I can now say that I know as much as a lazy HP fan, and I’m pretty satisfied with that. I feel like I should read them, for the sake of literature or whatever, but it’s such a huge undertaking, and honestly, I’d rather read a Russian book…it would probably take the same amount of time ;). 

So, there you have it, my friday five of book failures. Am I shunned from the book world?


12 thoughts on “Friday Five: Books everyone has read but me

  1. I am for sure shunning you. I mean, look, I hate-read the Twilight books (which was super fun), you can totally skip Robert Langdon if you want, you’ll eventually get to Gone Girl and TFIOS will absolutely make you weep (but not just for the sake of making you sad – it’s actually a beautiful little book) but HARRY POTTER?

    Listen. I know people like you. I was married to one. But they’ve all come over to the HP side eventually. The first books are kind of basic – they were definitely geared more towards kids. But 4-7 are DARK. And they are so funny! And clever and full of heart and wonderful. No, you have to read them. You just do. My husband fought me reading them for about 8 years – he was like it’s fine, I’ve seen the movies, also I’m an adult. But he’d watched the movies twice and had so many questions. He finally read them. Now he understands.

    Don’t miss out on these.

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    1. Hahahaha shun away! I know I should, I just don’t have the motivation. I’ll probably get to them when I have kids and I’ll read the books aloud to them. Right now I just have zero desire to read them and there are so many others ahead of them on my TBR list. I wanted to read them in college just because my roommate loved them so much, but once I left there it vanished. I just don’t think I need to read a series I am uninterested in right now when I have books I am interested in that I haven’t read. With that being said, I realize the importance of the books and the style of novel Rowling brought to the literary world, but if it’s not appealing to me, then why should I pursue it?
      Furthermore, I’ve seen each movie 3 or 4 times and my roomie explained all the missing parts to me while I watched them and I just have no more questions that I want answered.
      It’s no longer me being stubborn, I’m just a boring muggle ;).

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      1. You know how sometimes you think you will hate something and are not interested because you just assume it will suck and then somehow you end up trying it and it changes your life? That’s Harry Potter. I think you will find that, when you read it to your kids, you will fall in love with it and wonder why you waited so long.


      1. Yes! If you’ve managed to avoid spoilers it will be an even better read for you. I wouldn’t say it’s the best thriller in the world like so many others seem to, but it is definitely worth a read because it is very well thought out and kind of creepy!

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  2. The Harry Potter movies make for poor introduction to the books, even though Rowling is said to have micromanaged their production. Read the books! Seriously. I often disassociate from pop-culture when I see people’s needless hype so I get why you may be putting it off. I especially understand how you may have been unwittingly forced into a comparative loyalty between LOTR and HP but you should know that falling in love with HP (which will happen once you read them) will not take away your love for LOTR. The two may co-exist and actually have little to do with one another except that for a while the movies were coming out back-to-back. I love both classics but I read HP with the passion of a lit major and the excitement of a kid every year. I’m 35 and picked up HP when I was in college. But HP is ageless and timeless so I have been seen to carry it around in my corporate briefcase.


    1. Hi! Yeah I back in middle school and high school I didn’t read them because I was more of a LOTR fan, which is why I didn’t read HP initially, but now my reasoning for not reading them isn’t because I’m an LOTR fan–I believe they can coexist perfectly, especially because Rowling said Tolkien inspired her a lot. I guess my main reason for not reading them now is just that I have other books I’m more interested in reading now and I don’t have the desire to read the HP books, so they just keep slipping further down the TBR list. It no longer has anything to not wanting to read what everyone else is reading, it’s just a matter of interest at this point. But hey, maybe I’ll read them and have my eyes opened to the light, lol.

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      1. The HP books do require commitment, I’ll give you that. This commitment needn’t even be voluntary. E.g. my urge to return to reading the books every summer (the books used to come out in July/August) is beyond anything I intentionally tend to. Far as I know, HP has been pretty addictive for most readers. So if you have a too long a TBR, getting around the HPs once you read them might be a challenge.

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      2. Haha yes, so many books, so little time! I feel like with these long series (HP, Game of Thrones, Outlander, etc) you have to make a conscious decision to to dedicate countless hours to them…it’s a life sentence!

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