Top Ten Tuesday: Read the Day Away 

Happy Tuesday! Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by the Broke and Bookish blog! This week’s topic is top ten books you can read in one day. 

My list is mainly compiled of classics, but it has a couple new(ish) books and it also has a short story. Not only does this list include my top ten to read in one day, but many of them are some are on my all-time favorite books list as well! 
1. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

I read this book on a train in that took me from Spain to Belgium, and I couldn’t stop reading until it was done. I had put off this book mainly because I thought it sounded stupid, but I was so wrong. This book is entertaining and funny. It keeps you reading with its exciting plot and interesting characters. It’s 216 pages long, but you will end it wishing it was much longer. 

2. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

This is a very perplexing book, and it good for a day (or afternoon) where you can sit down with a glass (or bottle) of your favorite adult beverage and really get into the human complexities this book exposes you to. I really enjoyed this book even though the characters and plot are very hard–not hard to understand, but hard by nature. This book is 112 pages long, but you may need to pause a few times to refill your glass. 

3. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie 

This is my favorite Christie book to date. This classic who done it will keep you guessing throughout its entirety. It’s a little bit longer than others on this list, 264 pages, but you really won’t want to put it down until you figure out the thrilling mystery. 

4. Animal Farm by George Orwell

You’ve probably already read this one by Orwell, but it’s always fun to pick it up now and then and bring back this work of satire genius. I don’t usually read books more then once, but it helps when they are fantastic reads and when they are only 122 pages and you can read them cover to cover in a day. 

5. The Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe

This is technically a short story, but I think it should count. The next time you find yourself in late October with a few hours to spare, sit yourself in a comfortable chair and read this epically creepy short story by Poe. It’s 16 pages long, but leave some extra time because you may want to reread it right after. 

6. The Hound of Heaven at My Heels

Have you ever read a book that was written so well it makes you doubt if it was truly fiction? Well, this is one of those books. I actually found myself angry at the end solely because it wasn’t real. This book is fantastic and packs so much emotion and life into its 124 pages, that you will be aching for more. 

7. The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

This one makes you wish magic existed the way the stories tell us it exists–and then again, it also makes you happy it doesn’t exist that way. This quick read of 178 pages packs adventure and sacrifice into a the lifetime of its characters. Told with a commanding voice, Gaiman leaves you wanting more with a side of magic. 

8. They Loved to Laugh by Kathryn Worth

Oh happiness in 254 pages! This book was my favorite book growing up and the well-worn pages of my copy are proof to that. I read it many times then, and now, years later, I find myself reaching for it when I need a read that will bring me back to my childhood. This book is beautiful and I highly recommend it. Side note: don’t judge this book by it’s cover. The cover is terrible, the book is not. 

9. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

I was surprised by this book’s short length, but not disappointed in the story. This book not only makes you want to travel, but it makes you believe in yourself and those in your life. Only 197 pages, this book is great for a day on vacation. 

10. The Death of Ivan Illych by Leo Tolstoy 

I recommend this book for anyone who has a snowy winter day, a bottle of wine, and a desire to discuss philosophy (after all, this is a Russian book). This book makes you reevaluate your life and choices, and helps you recognize the relationships you have with the people around you. It’s a great book for those deep-thinking nights. Also, if you really want to feel Russian, switch the wine with vodka and it will make the 86 pages last a little longer ;). 
And that’s my list! Now all I want is a nice open day where I can reread them!


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Read the Day Away 

      1. I didn’t get the pleasure of reading it in school, it was deemed a “boys book”, I had to read Pride & Prejudice and Wuthering Heights… the boys got better reading material 😦


      2. Ahhh that’s interesting because even though Orwell’s stories are about a dystopian gone wrong, they may be more uplifting than Wuthering Heights haha. I love Bronte’s books, however not Austen’s as much :/

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I couldn’t really get into Wuthering Heights or P&P but I might give them another try now that I’m not being forced into dissecting every single scene and sentence for an exam haha! 🙂


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