The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend 

  The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald

Rating: ★★★ // Cute. 

Favorite Line: “For as long as she could remember, she had thought that autumn air went well with books, that the two both somehow belonged with blankets, comfortable armchairs, and big cups of coffee or tea.”


This book follows Sara, a young Swedish girl, as she travels to Broken Wheel, Iowa, to meet her pen pal, Amy, an elderly woman who shares Sara’s love of reading. For years Amy and Sara had shared books with each other, and finally Sara decided to meet the lady who had made such an impact on her life. Regrettably, by the time she reaches the one-stoplight town of Broken Wheel, Amy had died and Sara has to decide what to do next. 

With nothing to go home to, Sara decides to stay in BrokenWheel and open a bookstore with Amy’s books-not only to have something to do in the town, but also to keep Amy’s spirit alive. Her presence forces changes in the community that are at times unwanted, sometimes welcomed, and at other times terribly shocking to the people who have called Broken Wheel their home all their life. 

As a book lover, it warms my heart to read books about books, but this one was hard to get into. I found Sara to be a little crazy, not like crazy crazy, but a little too odd to relate to. This also applies to most of the characters in Broken Wheel–they all seemed very polarized, an intense version of whatever characteristic they were supposed to convey.

While too many overeggaterated  characters creates an unbelievable aspect to the story, it also creates a very entertaining plot, and this book did have that. It was slow at times, but it kept me reading because I really wanted to see how the characters were going to pull of their latest scheme.

This book is great for romantics, book-lovers, and the live-by-the-seat-of-your -pants people. It has charming characteristcs, and a unique setting (although, being from Iowa, I didn’t see the town as being much like an actual Iowa town). 

If you have a lazy summer day, this is a good book to pick up and read, and afterwards you will want to read every book mentioned in the story. 


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